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HP and the Next Overlord CH. 8
Fiery Friends
"Master, wait!"
Harry skidded to a halt in front of a river that ran across the path. "What is it this time, Gnarl?"
"That river in front of you is much too deep for your Minions! Browns, Reds and Greens cannot swim. They are, however, remarkably good at drowning."
"You must be joking, Gnarl. You're telling me that these Minions can't pass through water that doesn't even come up to my waist?"
Gnarl harrumphed through the connection. "We Minions are not exactly the most advanced beings, Master. And these newborns even less so. Their brains primarily think of only three things: violence, treasure, and your Overlordship. Even you had to learn to swim, did you not?"
"Whatever, Gnarl. What about the Minions, though. I can't just leave them here."
"Oh, no need to worry about lost minions, they will automatically return to their Spawning Pit, no matter how far away it is. The exercise could do the louts some good." Harry rolled his eyes as Gnarl yelled at the Minions to make the
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Rondolet on Autumn
Autumn comes now,
A pleasant chill pervades the air.
Autumn comes now
That summer is gone and winds plough
Through the light clothes we once wore. Fair
Is the breeze that harkens winter.
Autumn comes now.
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Eidolons of Gran Pulse - Shiva
By the grace of Etro, twin rulers arise from your icy thrones.
Come forth, sisters of Winter wastes.
In you, our trusts are placed.
Let not your presence remain unknown,
Lest your enemies', you do condone.
Stiria, heal comrades with haste,
As Nix destroys those in frost encased,
And soon shall the tyrant be dethroned.
Two tires screech against the cement,
Knowing their speed will suffice.
A wall of ice, your weapon wielding.
Diamond Dust, freeze those of hot temperament.
A name in blood, a pact of ice.
Shiva shall rise, her bond eternal and unyielding.
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Mature content
HP and the Next Overlord CH. 7 :iconkabutodragan2:KabutoDragan2 0 0
HP and the Next Overlord CH. 6
Action in the Forest
All was peaceful in the small glen. A pair of birds flew amongst the trees, revelling in the sparse sunlight that managed to sneak past the thick tree branches. A beetle the size of a person's head buzzed along, then stopped abruptly as it found itself entangled in a spider's web. It struggled valiantly to escape as the owner of the web in question, a spider easily the size of any normal human, came along, sinking its fangs into its prey. The beetle quickly ceased moving as the venom took effect, and the giant spider began wrapping its meal up.
It was around this time that all hell broke loose. Quite literally, in fact.
Without any warning, an explosion ripped through the small clearing, tossing aside giant trees that had stood for thousands of years as if they were nothing more than saplings. A giant stone pillar rose from the earth at the origin of the explosion, swiftly growing into a claw-like structure that stuck out of the ground menacingly. The base of the s
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Summertime Poem
Blazing summer days
Cause sweat to pour down my face.
The Sun is evil.
:iconkabutodragan2:KabutoDragan2 0 0
Wizarding Hearts CH.3
A New Face Appears
The group sat in silence as they both struggled to wrap their minds around each others' stories. Cid was the first to speak. "Damn kid, you been through some rough times, huh? Certainly done more than some of us can say."
Harry nodded glumly. "It was all for nothing, though, if what you say is true. My entire world, gone, devoured by the… what did you call them?"
"The Heartless," said Leon. "There was a time when they threatened to consume every world there is, but these days they are much less common. They only show up in worlds whose people have let darkness consume their hearts."
"Right. But then how did I survive and end up here?"
This time it was Aerith who replied. "People with strong hearts that are full of light. People who don't allow the darkness to overcome them may sometimes be saved from that destruction."
Harry perked up at her response. "So it's possible that other people from my world survived?"
"Anything is possible, Harry. But it's prett
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60-Year Old Picture
Clouds of dust flew into the air as the man's heavy boots disturbed the scarcely tread floor of the attic. He shifted aside a shoebox filled with baseball card from his path as he looked for the old Christmas ornament that had somehow vanished. "Where the hell could they have gone?" he grumbled, opening another cardboard box. No ornaments again.
The man began to close the box, aiming to move forward, but the glint of glass caught his eye. Hesitantly, he reached in, grabbing a small object from the box, and then blew off of it the dust of many decades. What he'd revealed was an ancient photograph, a portrait of a smiling woman wearing clothes of a bygone era. Her eyes glinted merrily as she laughed forever, frozen in time. The man stared at the picture, feeling a sense of familiarity, but unable to place the woman. After a moment, he recognized with a start that the eyes staring back at him belonged to his grandmother.
She was younger in the picture than she had ever been during the tim
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HP and the Next Overlord CH. 5
Harry's Decision
Harry stared at the elderly minion in disbelief. "You... You do realize who I am, right?"
Gnarl nodded his head. "Of course, Master. You are Harry Potter, otherwise known as The-Boy-Who-Lived or The Chosen One. Your new moniker, however, will be the Overlord."
Harry shook his head in disbelief. "If you know who I am, then you must know about my history. My entire life was ruined because of Lord Voldemort, arguably the most evil wizard of our day. What makes you think I would even be interested in being evil myself when evil destroyed everything I ever had?"
"Pah! You think that pansy Voldemort is Evil?" scoffed Gnarl. "Please, he is nothing more than a disease-infested flea hitching a ride on the rotting corpse of a dog. The evil that men do is nothing compared to the Evil that we do."
Harry shook his head again. It was hard to believe that this minion could dismiss Voldemort's powers so easily when he hardly measured up to Harry's waist. "Could you at least tell me wh
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Wizarding Hearts CH.2
Gradually, Harry became aware of his existence. Normally, this would be an inconsequential event, but considering the fact that he had just expected to be dead, it was quite the revelation. He groaned as he felt his aching body protest his return to consciousness, shifting slightly on the soft surface upon which he laid.
"So. You're finally awake."
Harry opened his eyes suddenly, eyes moving to the owner of the soft voice that had just spoken. He tried to scramble away, but his body gave out before he could move much more than an inch, and his eyes snapped shut again from the pain. "Don't come near me!"
He heard the person make his way across the room towards him, and he hastily grabbed his wand, pointing it at the approaching figure, yelling "STUPEFY!"
The footsteps ceased. Harry relaxed for a moment, confident that the threat had been neutralized. He was surprised, then, when he heard the voice resume, "Well, at least we know that you're not completely defenseless," and befor
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HP and the Next Overlord CH. 4
As Harry regained consciousness, the first think he noticed was pain. Aching pain all over his body. While this was troubling – pain was, after all, not a pleasurable experience – it did give Harry a certain measure of reassurance. Dead people didn't feel pain, after all; that particular torture was reserved for those still among the living.
Satisfied he was alive, Harry also wanted to make sure that he was more than just a head. He took a breath, and his chest hurt like hell as a result. At least I still have a torso, thought Harry. Next he tried moving his right thumb. Yup, pain there too. Same with his left. Harry continued this painful inventory of his body until he was convinced he was completely whole. In pain, certainly, but he was still in one piece.
However, this also brought up the question of where exactly Harry was. He felt soft cushioning under his body, which he thought was surprising considering he had been in an alleyway before... whatever happened,
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Colors at the Beach - Acrostic
Candid picture of a deep, blue sea,
Over the horizon sailed a pearl white boat.
Lonely is the golden sun, blazing heat from overhead.
Our feet crunch quickly through the apricot sand.
Relief at the water and slimy green seaweed.
Such beauty is found everywhere.
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Forest at Dawn
Dewdrops of water reflect rays of light
And Mother Nature wakens from her sleep.
The hushed land begins to reunite.
The golden-white shafts of the sun glow bright.
As colorful flowers open to peep,
Dewdrops of water reflect rays of light.
The ground illuminated by sunlight
Clears the well-trod path for creatures who creep.
The hushed land begins to reunite.
Sounds dance through the trees like mischievous sprites
As animals from their dens start to seep.
Dewdrops of water reflect rays of light.
Lively kits frolic and playfully fight,
While a vixen watches them leap.
The hushed land begins to reunite
The forest hums with life, no longer trite.
Sights and sounds abound, even in the deep.
Dewdrops of water reflect rays of light,
The hushed land begins to reunite.
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Books: A Haiku
The crisp sound of books
Lose yourself in your own mind
Discover new worlds
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Wizarding Hearts CH.1
"So it all comes down to this, doesn't it?" whispered Harry. "Does the wand in your hand know its last master was Disarmed? Because if it does… I am the true master of the Elder Wand."
A red-gold glow burst suddenly across the enchanted sky above them as an edge of dazzling sun appeared over the sill of the nearest window. The light hit both of their faces at the same time, so that Voldemort's was suddenly a flaming blur. Harry heard the high voice shriek as he too yelled his best hope to the heavens, pointing Draco's wand:
"Avada Kedavra!"
The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead center of the circle they had been treading, marked the point where the spells collided.
Suddenly, something went wrong.
As quickly as the flames had erupted, they disappeared into a black void that appeared at the center point. The silence that had fallen over the crowd continued as all present stared at the emptiness that
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HP and the Next Overlord CH. 3
Early Morning Visit
Hermione sat sobbing in the living room of the Weasley's home. After her Apparition to the home of her second best friend, Ron Weasley, the two of them had immediately Apparated to the site of the magical explosion in Little Whinging. While Ron had rushed straight toward the massive crater, Hermione hesitated for a minute. Though she had taken the initiative in getting Ron and herself to the neighbourhood, once there she found herself having second thoughts: if she found something that might prove of Harry's demise, she wasn't sure that she would be able to hold it together. And even if she didn't, that only left the certainty that Harry had been kidnapped, whether by Voldemort or someone else, it couldn't be good. Luckily, she had been startled out of her reverie by multiple pops signifying Apparition, and found herself looking at the rest of the Weasley family (all still dressed in their nightclothes).
All had offered their support to her, and that alone was almos
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Hello, Fellow Deviants,

To be perfectly honest, I'm just writing this journal because I was tired of my profile page telling me to write a journal entry, but I do have another ulterior motive. I wished to inform you that links to my many other websites are now on my profile! If you could check them all out, that'd be amazing, and don't be afraid to leave comments wherever you go; I love them. Aaaaaanyway, it's about 3AM where I am, so I'm going to log off before I fall a-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- asleep.

JLawrence Kenny


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I just realized I never actually did anything to my front page and it was a blank mess, so here I am. My name is Johnathan Kenny, and I attend Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. My main reason for joining DA is simply to see all the great talent that can be found on this amazing site. I myself am an actor and a singer, with no tactile artistic talent of my own, so don't expect anything. I do write, however, so it is quite possible that you may see some of my writing up here if the mood strikes me to share it with you, which it probably will, because I love you all. Otherwise, you can find me and my writing at the following links.

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